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Healing sessions typically range from $35 - $110.

Please ask about package pricing for Biofield Tuning.

“Give yourself permission to let it hurt but also allow yourself the permission to let it heal.”
— Nikki Rowe
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$90-$110/80 minutes — Biofield Tuning uses frequency-specific tuning forks to identify residual static in your electromagnetic biofield (often from physical or emotional trauma), entrain this stuck energy to a stable and rhythmic frequency, and then return the coherent energy back to the body's vitality. In some ways, Biofield Tuning can be likened to a energetic soul retrieval. Biofield Tuning can help with physical pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, fatigue, grief, stress management, addiction recovery, and more! Veterans receive a 25% discount.  

$65/60 minutes — The Sonic Meridian Flush uses weighted tuning forks on the body to relax and and open the body's overall energy system.

*Biofield Tuning is contraindicated if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, have a pacemaker or other electrical-magnetic implant, or are undergoing chemotherapy or other aggressive cancer treatment. Please consider an alternate healing modality



$35/half hour — Pranic Healing is a "no touch" form of energy healing that utilizes Prana (life force) to harmonize the body's energy processes and stimulate its ability to repair itself. Pranic Healing is useful for overall well being, illness, injuries, and psychological stressors.


$50/45 minutes — Each chakra session is intuitively designed for you and may include harmonic scale tuning, singing bowls, essential oils, crystals, color and/or guided visualization combined in a way that revives and balances your 7 major chakras.  Chakra balance affects emotional stability, healthy behavior patterns, physical health, energy levels, and spiritual receptiveness.

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Pendulum Healing

$35 and up/session depending on complexity — Pendulum healing is based on the premise that the human body’s healing response is stimulated by light and sound, energies generated by the moving pendulum and spoken commands. Each session is individually tailored to the person and their specific wellness challenge based on a preparatory client interview and clinical research (as necessary) in order to develop the most effective protocol. Note: Pendulum healing is typically conducted as a distance/non-local session only.


$35/cleansing — Based on Native American tradition, sacred feathers and special aromatic sprays are used to cleanse and protect the auric field.  This can be a stand alone treatment or combined with other modalities.



$65/60 minutes — Specific points on the head are lightly held in succession to dissipate electrical imprints of judgments and thoughts that inhibit our ability to live with ease and joy. This is extremely relaxing in addition to being freeing. Results continue to unfold up to 2 weeks following a session. 


$10/treatment — The Etheric Weaver uses magnetized crystal energy to connect with the “Chi of your Soul” removing blockages and opening meridians. Used for focused treatments on specific areas of pain, or on the palms to more generally affect the body’s entire energy meridian system. This short treatment can be added to any other session. A single treatment is included with all Biofield Tuning packages.

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$25/reading — Do you have an unanswered question or issue that needs clarity? Why not try a an intuitive crystal ball reading? Bring a question with you and see what the crystal ball might reveal... 

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$50/45 minutes — Experience sound like never before! Feel audible vibrations permeate every cell in your body while relaxing comfortably on a molded cushion. Helpful for stress reduction, relaxation, pain management, and vibrational alignment. Choose from a variety of healing music selections.


Tammy is committed to continuing her education and expanding her healing toolbox. Stay tuned for what’s new!