Frequently Asked Questions


Are you thinking about experiencing complementary healing modalities and energy medicine for the first time? Or maybe you're a new client? That's great news! I'm sure you might have some questions. Let's see if we can answer them... 

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
— Ram Dass
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How do I prepare for a session?

Please be well hydrated, rested, and ready to receive. We discourage excessive caffeine on the treatment day, and will not treat individuals who arrive "under the influence".

How long is an appointment?

The length of each session depends on which modality/service you choose, but will typically last from 30-90 minutes. 

What will I feel in a session?

Your body has an inherent wisdom about what it needs in the moment, therefore every-body's experience will be unique to it as well unique to the session on any given day. With energy work, some people will feel relaxed and others energized, some will feel energy moving and some will not, some might feel emotional and others happy. Every feeling -- or no feeling at all -- is perfectly normal. Energy and issues are shifting regardless!  With VFRT, an on-the-body modality, recipients will feel significant pressure and often some associated temporary pain at the injury site during the treatment.

What will I feel Afterward?

Again, it will be different from person to person and from time to time. Some people describe themselves as feeling "lighter"; others may be exhausted; and some people will feel nothing different at all. In all cases, it's important to drink plenty of water following a session and I recommend a mineral- or sea-salt bath the evening following a treatment, especially if you are prone to detox symptoms. With VFRT, clients will typically experience significant pain and symptom relief afterwards.

i take medications. Does that matteR?

Most people I see take medications. Please share your medicinal history with me. Pain killers, anti-depressants, CBD and medical marijuana can depress the effectiveness of some treatments. Progress WILL be made but at a slower rate than if not medicated. 

Can I drink alcohol?

Please do not consume alcohol on the same day as your treatment. 

What do i wear?

Wear whatever is most comfortable for you since you could be laying on the treatment table for up to 80 minutes. This is not a massage -- you will remain fully clothed at all times. Energy work can sometimes affect your body temperature so you might consider dressing in layers. We always keep a blanket handy!

How often do i need to come?

Depending on your condition or expectations, significant results may be realized in a single session. However, I often recommend 3-5 Biofield Tuning sessions (and occasionally more) for more dramatic and comprehensive results. It really depends on what you want to accomplish. There is no "need" to come more than once; and conversely there is no "need" to come excessively. Please view these services as a Tool to help you along your healing  journey not a Crutch that you will need to depend on long term!  

Who should not seek treatment?

At this time Biofield Tuning and VFRT are the only modalities that have clear contraindications. You should not receive Biofield Tuning if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, have a pacemaker or other electrical-magnetic implant, or are undergoing chemotherapy or other aggressive cancer treatment. Joint replacements are fine. VFRT is contraindicated for clients with epilepsy, hernia, active blood clots, pacemaker or other internal regulatory mechanisms.

What is a distance/remote session?

Remarkably, some healing sessions can be conducted at a distance, where the client is in one location and the healer is in another! In other words, you do not always need to be physically present for healing to occur.

Do you accept credit cards?

I accept cash or checks but do not take credit cards at this time. Payment is expected at the time of service.

How long have you been in business?

Re-Tune To Health opened in 2016.